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Concrete decks are a great way to add curb appeal and functionality simultaneously. The Corona contractors will make your backyard more beautiful with their quality finishing techniques like coloring, texturing or stamping, which can be customized for you depending on what style suits you best!

We provide a variety of colors for your concrete pool deck. We can also create custom color schemes specific to you, whether dynamic or spontaneous! Our skilled Corona contractors will lay down an installation plan during the process, so everything goes within time and budget with the absolute best result.

  1. Planning Stage: Laying concrete requires special tools, which our concrete contractors have readily available.
  2. Foundation digging: once the foundation has appropriately been excavated, we create fixtures surrounding the border, keeping the concrete deck from pouring out. Our concrete contractors usually make these frames and root them deep inside the earth, holding them in place. We ensure that the frame top is in line with the surrounding lawn.
  3. Material addition and concreting: Our concrete deck contractors will add rebar mesh approximately two inches above the gravel layer to stabilize the structure while unifying the concrete. Once all of that is ready, they will pour the concrete faster on hotter days to avoid quick solidification of the concrete mix.
  4. Finishing Touch: Contingent on your desired texture, our concrete contractors will maintain the concrete wet for a specified duration. Depending on your preference, we will use concrete texture design mats for an incredible finish texture.

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