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The construction industry is challenging and takes more than just talent to get ahead. That’s why we’re here at Corona Concrete experts who can give your business a competitive edge with our many services, from slab installation to foundation repair; you’ll never regret hiring us.

Our team members are provided with proper training on all aspects of their job to ensure customer satisfaction. We take pride in providing you quality services and safe working conditions for everyone who helps make them possible.

Some of the advantages of using concrete slab foundation are;

  1. Less drying time: The concrete slab will take very little time for complete drying. During this time, the concrete is cured using water to avoid cracking from tension. Reduced time-off will ensure the construction process flows smoothly without any possible backlog.
  2. Minimal flooding risks: a concrete slab base is an excellent way to reduce possible damage from excess moisture throughout the house.
  3. Pest inhibition: most concrete slabs will safeguard your property against pests and rodents with no open spaces left for them to access the building.  
  4. Less steps and stairways: some slab bases are usually created near the ground and may not need added stairways to enhance access. Fewer steps are advantageous as they reduce the stairs needed and are suitable for persons unable to access the building.

Reach out to our skilled Corona concrete contractors for all your concrete slab foundation needs. 

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